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Reviving Dad's 1948 Ford 8N Tractor - Part 1 - Valve Job and First Start


This was my father's farm vehicle. I have affectionate recollections of riding on the back as a youngster in the mid '80s while he tilled the ground or did different positions around the ranch. I got a kick out of the chance to dabble with motors and turned into a self-educated ranch repairman when I was 12, keeping this and other gear ready to rock 'n roll till I moved away in my late teenagers.

Since it had been sitting external in the downpour for north of 30 years, I calculated this old farm vehicle likely did not merit the work to resuscitate, yet one day in Sept 2023, I got inquisitive and placed a wrench on the driving rod and shockingly it wasn't seized so I figured what in the world... we should try it out.

I could without much of a stretch purchase a working 8N of a similar classic as this for short of what I will pay for parts to fix this one, and that is to not express anything of my time, yet this has wistful worth. I would like to transform it back into a utilitarian farm truck, complete with scars that recount to its story yet at the same time ready to invest a decent days effort and procure its keep on the ranch. I anticipate moving up to a 12V framework with electronic start and conceivably adding live power through pressure to make it somewhat more able. Like and buy in on the off chance that you're keen on seeing the excursion.

Gratitude for saving that old young lady it makes me extremely upset when I see that large number of bodies at the shredder what a waste yet I have had 8 8N Portage farm haulers and I have never considered preparing siphon as you did that was virtuoso, I generally braced a fitting on my oil can and siphoned it .
However, it's a decent sprinter extraordinary pressure once you lapped the valves yet I have to let you know that is one ruff looking old young lady she really wants some pleasant paint and somebody has put cap screws rather than studs in the head and customizable valve lifters which makes life much more straightforward!


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