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Massey Ferguson 35x and cordwood saw bench working demonstration.


Those loads are the business, I review in the mid to late fifties my father had 56 pound loads fastened to the front axel of the dark fergie at whatever point he put the potato grower on. And still, at the end of the day we needed to get off the seats and the finish of the lines when we were planting. We likewise had a multi power 65, it beat the fordson significant hands down for readiness.

At the point when I was a teen, my folks got a ranch the south east of NSW Australia. They likewise bought a fresh out of the box new 1967 David Brown 990. It had huge wheel loads in the back haggles wheels were turned out so the farm truck was nearly essentially as wide as lengthy. It had a substantial under-threw dozer cutting edge and we shield plated the sides of the motor to prevent sticks from causing any harm. Father additionally moved the air admission to be behind the exhaust to shield it from tree limbs. It was the biggest and most remarkable farm vehicle nearby. A really extraordinary farm hauler and we used to slide it around the sides of the slopes watching out for deep, dark holes on the declining side and shakes on the top side. Ok, recollections!

Simply needed to praise the creation values here - each time I see a "drive by" shot or one appearance you utilizing the splitter or other device (eg., cutting up trees) I contemplate time assumed to position a camera and afterward alter its recording, when you're really attempting to finish work. Likewise time you save us by accelerating the film. I'm trying to say it's simple as far as we're concerned watchers to fail to remember it takes a great deal of intending to get the intriguing enlightening recordings where we're investigating your shoulder. Superb work!

That Farm truck was stunned to stand out and new oil and channels. Brilliant method for managing a dead tree. Not many experts like you are left in the mechanical world. I put everything on the line folks today have no clue about how to dismantle a water siphon.
Truly delighted in seeing you take care of this old farm vehicle, helps me to remember better days gone b

'm additionally in NZ, and my most memorable work in the wake of leaving Secondary School was in Hart Engines Farm vehicle shop, in Sound Street, Invercargill. WE were a David Brown/Case showroom, and the 990 was an exceptionally normal farm hauler to deal with. That was back in the mid to late 1970s. At that point, I was the "Parts Kid", yet I took in a huge amount about how things functioned when I was there. 45 years down the track, I'm one of those folks that individuals, particularly coworkers. carry stuff to have fixed. Love your style. Basically the same as mine.

As a disciple millwright I landed the position of restoring water driven rams and I horrendous couldn't stand the positions. It showed me persistence and restraint as well as how to manage the more unglamorous errands. Watching this video was a nostalgic outing to that spot in my prior working life. It was very compensating in a manner to watch your experience it getting this beautiful old machine once more into great request. Great on you mate!


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