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John Deere combine tipped over


When my mother was a child, she was riding in a car without seatbelts when it collided with a tractor. After the collision, the tractor's driver escaped without a scratch. However, my mother's nephew was unconscious and lying on top of her. Fortunately, everyone survived, but my mom continues to struggle with neck issues.

On the farm where I grew up, I had previously been there. To put it mildly, it can be absolute misery! The majority of the tractors I operated were rear wheel drive, but one, an International 4366, had 4x4. It must be really, extremely awful out there to see these modern equipment getting stuck like that! I truly admire the way you guys approached it! Personally, I would have stayed at home and watched the beer refrigerator. That is nothing but absolute suffering and agony. I'm hoping everything worked out in the end for you!

It's interesting to see the variety of failures on these; there are plenty of front wheel axles giving out in comedic ways, exploding engine parts, fountains of coolant and shiny chunks, and so on. But then there's that one where the rim started separating from the tire, with burning rubber at the rim.

I'm happy to hear that your dad is doing well. I've only ever watched this particular video on your channel. Wonderful name. I grew up on a dairy farm in Northeast Iowa many years ago. Watching all these farm-related videos is really cool. Cole the Cornstar is another show I watch. Continue your good work. I appreciate you feeding America.

To repair the exhaust pipe, obtain an exhaust elbow with the same pipe diameter, cut the damaged area of the old pipe, use the cutout as a template and trace the new elbow while taking into account the material removed, create a patch, and then solder the new elbow to the tractor's existing pipe. This summer, we did this to our 9200. roughly an hour to complete.

Holy sh*t! That day, your dad's guardian angel was in the car with him. Such events are uncontrollable and can occur very quickly. I hope that's the last of the excitement for this crop! Lol


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