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XL PLOUGHING in France - Twin Wheels JD 8370R + Kverneland 10 furrow


A Claas Xerion 5000 was placed on the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring (Germany), a race course that is used to gauge how fast cars operate on regular roads and how they act when driven in this manner. was pretty humorous and appeared in agricultural magazines all around the world. The video is only available in German and may be found on YouTube.

Enjoy observing the effectiveness of agricultural machinery. Multiple operations in one pass. It's enjoyable to watch thanks to your varied viewpoints and excellent video. Do you record every step of an operation on a single plot of land, from preparation of the ground to harvesting? Would like to see that as a series.

The world as we know it wouldn't exist without the hard work of our farmers and the truck drivers who deliver their goods to market. GOD Bless You Both!! For what it's worth, in MY opinion, farming ought to be a tax-exempt enterprise, similar to a church or?? Farmers SHOULD NOT PAY ANY TAXES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING SALES TAXES! I appreciate your dedication.

Although I think the second tiller up front is unnecessary, I still like the concept. While the second is floating over grassland doing nothing except accumulating weight and using horsepower, the first is the only one doing the work (all be it very little) It would be fantastic if one tiller up front could flip around and prepare the return pass like the plough does on the headland. To operate the front tiller simultaneously with the plough, the tiller design must be similarly configured to the plough. Great work nonetheless. What a lovely area of land.

with a guidance system, very straight furrows. It seems like a waste of gasoline and horsepower to keep the power harrow running on the stubble/leaf side.
Clutch should be used to control left or right so that only the ploughed furrow is being cultivated.

My collection of John Deere equipment includes 31 ertl 1/64 John Deere tractors, a John Deere combine, a John Deere Self Propelled Windrower, a John Deere Forage Harvester, and last but not least, a John Deere Spreader (self propelled). My toy equipment is primarily John Deere. Case New Holland and AGCO make up the rest of my collection of toys. As a result, I largely own John Deere. Dad would like a John Deere 8650. The 8850 is one of my favorites. I have an 8850 1/64.

You create videos of the highest caliber. I appreciate how you demonstrate the operation of the machinery as well as how the dirt or product is treated. Very creative shots, like the potato cam and shots taken underground, show how the inner workings of these enormous machines. The aerial shots' symmetrical angles demonstrate how precise modern technology has made us, which translates into better fuel management and less equipment wear. I appreciate your work, and so do others.


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