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Velddag 2024


While I really do concur it's disheartening that the harvest is poor, looking at this logically it's truly great. We need to see the machines going through the field, not pulling out in light of the fact that their cart is full or everybody behind pausing and sit tight for a husking bed/cart lift to make up for lost time. These machines were never intended to deal with anything like current corn yields.

It's equivalent to furrowing days, where members have figured out how to bring a furrow no less than 1-2 bottoms less than their farm truck would have been coordinated with once upon a time. Keep everybody moving; not hanging tight for 'the most vulnerable connection in the chain' to battle along.

Experiencing childhood with our ranch in iowa back in the last part of the 70's to mid 80's I can recall our most memorable JD join as we moved from the corn picker to the consolidate. It was a JD 55EB three column. Thought we were up town haha. My father just cultivated around 340 sections of land as he was likewise a full time woodworker. 1/2 corn 1/2 beans. I miss those days to such an extent! Could not have possibly transformed it nothing! Much thanks to you for the video!

How might you not love the X9 join. I had the option to see one and watch one reap wheat in eastern Colorado in around 45 bu. Grain which didn't actually challenge the machine by any means even with the 50 ft. header on it.
I ran a 195? 55 JD join in 1960 and worked in the collect driving truck behind two S670 machines on 7100 sections of land of wheat at age 72 this the previous summer. Desire to have the option to basically ride in a X9 next reap when they get through our country. Partaken in your Visio on 60 years of JD joins.


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