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The Longest Bale


I've been watching both of you jaspers for a long time or so presently. Truly partake in the action on the homestead. I'm 68 years of age and live in southwest Iowa. My folks were both raised on ranches and my father needed to cultivate however struggled with finishing that so he did what he could to be involved. He worked in a Feedmill for more than 40 years and at our home that is what we discussed More often than not was taking care of animals. Keep doing awesome.!

I utilize a 8" drill for crosstie posts. I need to push the post in the opening. Frequently raising the pallet steer so a little squirm with pressure and the post slides in "gooten" tight. I truly like the way you and Brian cooperate. That is the manner in which it used to be and as Brian has said he worked with his father. My child and I cooperated for north of 30 years. I resigned, presently 76 and he is 55. He says he can do or make anything since he gained it from me. I want to be as yet youthful enough to be his partner for a couple of years. Indeed, I see those new entryways, the ones that don't drag the ground while working. Truly pleasant looking calves both in the feed parcel and field. See ya.

That sprayer seems as though it is working effectively. I don't have the foggiest idea about how all of you split the work among you yet might want to see Uncle Jeff more. Trust he is well. Much thanks to you Ruler for addressed petitions and thank you for the downpour and mists that are coming. So be it!

I was interested what was Paw's take on the farm vehicle that was point by point? Since you never discussed it on camera after the rents got back home from get-away. Happy your getting sprinkled with some downpour. To awful we were unable to give you a portion of our own. It's coming down constantly here in SE Michigan, I realize the ranchers are delighted. Im sure bailing feed is disappointing with how we've gotten downpour.

Feel free to assume praise for the wall rails coming out right on the post. You're turning into the South Dakota Door Expert! Once more, sorry the Canadian smoke is back. We haven't had quite a bit of it recently here in eastern Kansas, however the flames are as yet going up there. Continuously partake in your recordings, so thanks again for another.


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