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Replanting of corn, pulled!


I use the exact tractor for my work as a contractor for the power company; the forestry tires are a world apart from conventional tractor tires. The only difference is that my tractor is enclosed in a forestry cage.

In Finland and Sweden, where farms are typically small and logging and firewood production are frequently done by farmers themselves, Valtra is essentially the only farm tractor that can also perform forestry duties. High ground clearance (for a farm tractor), ground speed PTO (as utilized here with trailer drive), reversible seat, etc.

We farmed the same patch of land for 30 years, and the first year we discovered all the holes and springs, we twice got stranded. We didn't touch those locations till the following guy arrived with huge, bad tractors and got stuck multiple times a year, repeating it every year for the following ten years. The owner wanted us back after they failed. Because the ground was damaged and the sinkholes were getting worse, we said no.

Every time I watch a close-up video of two farming tractors being pulled by cables, I cringe. I once witnessed something similar, and the line snapped. The impact was so powerful that it bent the metal of the cabin on the rear tractor and broke the window. Consider the possibility of a cable snapping and the cameraman being hit. Obviously, if he's lucky, he'll spend a lot of time in the hospital; if not, he might end up two meters below the ground.

My son served in the Army and was a member of a group that recovered tanks. I attended his graduation down here. They demonstrated. The turret of the tank was inside. To connect, two people carried the bulky cable out and dove into the muck. Every team had a chance to try. Interesting to watch.

I just learned that some men in Kentucky were working on a tractor tire that, when a button is pushed, paddles emerge from the tire to help you get out of a jam. If they can create those, that would be incredible. When you are clear of the muck, the paddles retract and function like regular tractor tires. I don't see how they'll be able to have paddles emerge from the tire. But that sounds wonderful, so here's hoping. Haha

I once observed a sizable 4WD tractor stuck in the mud past the hubs in the 1970s. It had two tires on each corner. It happened in South Dakota along I-90. On the CB radio was the farmer. He was asked how he planned to remove it. He claimed that if he simply missed the subsequent payment, the bank would quickly process it.


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