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Plowing Field With a Pickup


We generally cut our long stem grass feed 4 inches or so over the ground. Cuttings it that tall aides the new development recover faster and furthermore assists with weed concealment. Bermuda roughage was done unique. It was cut about an inch or so over the ground. The grass roughage was constantly treated in the fall or late-winter where as the Bermuda feed was constantly prepared in the late-winter and after each cutting. I trust this data makes a difference. Gratitude for the video.

That little Su 55 is a pleasant counterpart for the raking position. Completed first cut roughage Mon 05 Jun. No issue getting it dry...the just damper spots were in several concealed regions along timberlines. Ordinarily parcel those regions isolated and feed to steers immediately (4x5 net wrap round bunches). Need downpour awful in N. Focal Goodness.., Corn is coming up shockingly well, beans are attempting to come up, expected to get downpour Sun 11 Jun. Best of luck with your yields!!!

Lovely feed!! Those bundles and the quality would be $15.00 a parcel here Western SD. You ought to be extremely pleased with your achievements in getting such a decent stand. I've put roughage up for more than 60 years and my viewpoint is leave your stubble 3-4 inches that truly helps your regrowth in addition to your trimmer won't get stopped as effectively and sickle further away from unfamiliar articles. Your rake and baler gets the roughage impeccably. Yet, you can't turn out badly with ALL OLIVER!!!

We had an old Portage Baylor that granddad had a coax bar out of an old farm truck cut and penetrated so we might strong it to the draw at any point bar of RB so we could move the bailer further away from the farm hauler and the PTO shaft would work And something else I truly like your vidiots and I see this other individual that simply goes out and bi's Oliver farm haulers and stuff I never see him dealing with them or accomplishing the work to safeguard the old farm vehicles as you do so we know who the genuine individual is and who's correct none whose shirt tails I truly partake in your recordings much obliged

As I would see it that has been stopped too for new seeds and a dry (droughty) time. Recuperation will be truly delayed as there doesn't appear to me to be a lot of leaf left to photosynthesise thus new development should be driven through the underground root growth. With genuine dry climate recuperation this will be exceptionally sluggish, in spite of the fact that it is early June, without downpour and a portion of manure the possibilities briefly cut look poor until quantifiable precipitation the Fall. Dan


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