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OLIVER 1850 Tractor Chisel Plowing


My 1850 has a Perkins engine, which I adore. Compared to my IH 856, it uses less gasoline and starts easily in the cold. My 1850 is the round baling tractor and is equipped with a White 1730 QA loader. Some of the best 90 horsepower class tractors to emerge from the late 1960s, in my opinion, are the 1850 and 856.

We would occasionally utilize my uncle John's 1850 on our farm. The day my brother was moldboard plowing in our back forty (the swamp) is one of my favorite tractor memories because all you could see was what looked like a brush fire above the treetops and one continuous cloud of black smoke. It was exquisite in every way! I genuinely miss that tractor. He ultimately exchanged it for a pretty rusty and ugly-looking F—d. The Oliver was ten times more powerful than the tractor it replaced. Uncle John made a horrible decision. Just saying.

It certainly seemed to be in its element because the plow wasn't even exerting any effort.
Despite not being a farmer, I respect all of our farmers and appreciate their labor and tools.
And I value what they do for the world and how they overcome challenges to accomplish their objectives.
I'm confident that our own government is the main challenge.
Thanks for the fantastic video.

The only parts of the tractor that appear restored are the front cast grill and counterweights, which appear to have recently been painted. Even the back tires, which are extremely worn, still look fantastic. Are those bias-ply Goodyear Dyna-Torque tires inside? has the mandatory AM radio placed on the fender even now. The chisel plow is also in fantastic condition. You could have told us that this movie was shot in the middle of the 1970s if the video quality weren't so great. I had a great time watching this. Thanks!

Fantastic; I adore Olivers. We had an 1850 diesel tractor with fender tanks, and we adored it. When we had this tractor in the 1970s, we had bolt-on duals that were a lot of fun for me to install on my own (I only weighed about 145 pounds at the time). Instead of a chisel plow, we had a moldboard with four bottoms, a field cultivator, a disc, a cultimultcher, planters, and drills. Thanks for bringing back memories by displaying an 1850.


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