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Minneapolis Moline R plowing


This is me using my tractor to plow. Paint has now been applied to the gas tank, dash, and grille. It's a 1944 Okay, that's enough teasing, I thought. You're about to witness some actual lawn mowing now! I'm amazed that no one has yet remarked that if you were pulling it with a green tractor, you wouldn't have experienced the feeding issues. What a relief to see this equipment working once more! The majority were destroyed. The engine has a terrific sound.

The first ones, in my opinion, had Fordson engines. Yes, those were the WT models and they only had two forward speeds. The KT models have three-speed gearboxes. In New Zealand, we had three vehicles with the same motor as yours.

I haven't heard the JD pop-pop tractors in a long. spent a considerable amount of time on them. similar to International W9, 4010, and 4020, as well as 560, 660, 1206, and Farmalls. In Texas County, Oklahoma, my grandfather owned the first Farmall with rubber tires. For greater horsepower, I can still picture farmers connecting two tractors together. In the video, were any Case tractors visible?



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