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Massey 400 harvesting organic winter barley


Here, we see Colin Cloude working outside to harvest organic winter barley with his Massey 400. It was a beautiful scene, and we were happy to be able to capture it on camera and film for our Somersetagripics Facebook and Instagram pages. Colin had a good day because it was his 62nd birthday and we got a Massey 35 with a grain trailer. Enjoy yourselves, and thanks for watching.

Although I agree that the poor harvest is disheartening, if you think about it, it's actually excellent. The machines should be moving across the field, not stopping because their wagon is full or forcing everyone behind them to stop and wait for a husking bed or wagon elevator to catch up. Modern corn yields were never intended for these equipment to handle.

Similar to plowing days, players have learned to bring a plow that is at least one or two bottoms less than what their tractor would have been matched with in the past. Don't wait for "the weakest link in the chain" to struggle along; keep everyone going.

My father owned a Farmall F-20 pulled by a 2-row New Idea pull type and an Oliver 88 with a mounted 2-row Oliver picker. The shucks on the ear were better removed by The New Idea, and less corn was left in the field. Additionally, it is easier to work on. Late 50's.

When my dad used to drive us on weekend road excursions through Kansas' corn and wheat fields, I can still picture seeing equipment like this. One is still periodically visible in a field's corner, rusting away. I wonder what the behemoths that roam the fields today and their behemoth price tags would have the farmer of yesterday to say.

My all-time favorite manufacturer of vintage tractors is Massey Harris. On my small farm, we operate a 44 special with a complete hydraulic loader every day. We are certain that the motor has more than 60000 hours and has never been opened. My grandfather has used it for almost 50 years, my great grandfather for many years, and I have used it every day for the past 23 years. It can start in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and functions as a snow plow tractor in the winter.


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