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John Deere 9R 640 Tractor pulling an Unverferth Zone Builder | Ripping the Fields


John Deere 9R 640 Tractor pulling an Unverferth Zone Builder | Ripping the Fields In this video I am out in a harvested soybean field in Northwest Ohio with a John Deere 9R 640 tractor on LSW Tires pulling a 12 shank Unverferth Zone Builder. The are ripping the field around 12-14 inches deep fracturing the hard pan below. This farm was also running one of their Case IH 620 Quad Track tractors down the road pulling another 12 shank ripper and I'll have that in a future video.

I experienced childhood with a wheat ranch in Idaho...many, quite a long time back. In those days the consolidates stacked into 2-ton trucks and we pulled the grain into capacity distribution centers. Stacking in a hurry could be quite difficult for this homestead young lady! These recordings bring back in this way, such countless cheerful, affectionate and simply fun recollections. Ranch safe. Partake in the way of life! Nothing better than experiencing childhood with a farm/ranch.

This Video brings back a few extremely affectionate recollections for me as a youngster experiencing childhood with the grasslands in Canada . Everybody worked extended periods of time at collect , now and then the entire evening . It was entirely expected to be 14 and driving a few exceptionally enormous consolidates .
However, nothing as extensive as these

Wow a 48 D that never understood what it resembled to furrow a field or run a sheller with her belt pulley that is totally astonishing. I accept that Deere themselves ought to attempt to get this and placed it in their assortment. I read an article in Green Magazine that they did about this very work vehicle and it is miserable that they attempted to clean it up it took like three or four arrangements of unique enduring decals to make the farm truck like it is today. I can comprehend supplanting the back edges on the grounds that the tires were brimming with calcium chloride and rusted however I wouldn't play with the paint work or decals on a unique farm hauler.


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