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INTERNATIONAL 1468 Tractor Plowing


Kid those were the days... used to cherish seeing a 8 base furrow or huge plate with the wings tossed down turning that wonderful soil over, versus the present "harmless to the ecosystem" hardware contacting the highest points of the dirt in street gear. Seeing the ocean of red out in the field helps me to remember the gear we enjoyed.... I think we had a couple H's to run drills at the grain receptacles, a M and a C to run a trimmer, perhaps roll corn, yet ran a couple 806's, had a 1206 father work vehicle pulled in the mid year, got a plate through the field with it, similar to nothing was on the back. Had a 1456 as well.... Father was a top dog rancher, turning in a few extraordinary harvests, cultivated a little more than 3,000 sections of land in the 70's in the Midwest, watered across two districts with hose drag and focus turns, and those were the most ideal situation. Something exceptionally authentic and healthy around that family way of life. Gathering the entire night on Thanksgiving night to get that yield in before a snow snowstorm hit.....Sure cherished our Farmal and Global Collectors. Those were the days. Watching these enormous reds from the 70's making it happen out in the fields.... nothing better. Sitting up in the taxi of a 1456 disking at 12 years of age without help from anyone else, guardians today would lose their brains over. Haha. Favored youth. Gratitude for this legendary channel.

64 this year and this absolutely brings back recollections.. I've forever been precisely enclined. I cherished chipping away at old disposed of motors, yard trimmers, and work vehicles. My creation was an old Johndeere B that clearly hadn't run in years. As a 14 year old I dealt with it each opportunity I got. Easter morning, wearing a powder blue recreation suit for chapel, couldn't avoid the farm truck... I turned the flywheel and the motor popped and another, I was so energized I neglected myself and what I was wearing. After another twists the motor turned over... as it began soil and residue spat out of the exhaust pipe all around my suit.. I was good as dead.

It should be extremely fulfilling to take an old young lady like that back to working condition, great.
That JB weld stuff is legend.
With the standard high intensity two-section stuff I once fixed a break and a gouge on the grip side front of a pal's sportbike after he dropped it in a corner on a mountain street, oil vomiting out of the gouge and break. We were miles from the closest town out in Western Japan. I laid the bicycle on its side, grasp side concealment, and utilized a record and a stone to scratch the paint off and mess the surface up, stirred up the two-section JB High intensity stuff, speedy drying, and fixed the side cover. He bet me supper that it wouldn't hold.
A few years some other time when he sold the bicycle he had still not supplanted the side cover, it never spilled. That JB weld is dependably in my side of the road fix repertoire.


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