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Hay haulin’ time…


Feed looks perfect, amazing driving with that tall burden Taylor. Much thanks to you and Brent for the video. Trust you and Brent's family stay protected and sound. The downpour in Maine can be a torment. I share your recordings to fakebook, I don't actually utilize fakebook yet helping you is assumed. I named it Pulling roughage with Tay, haha. Trust you have a great Sunday.

Ok yes. Another extraordinary video. That was one of my #1 seasons. Roughage season. I had 2 positions during roughage season. One was raking, the other, stacking feed on the cart. We just had square bails. There wasn't round balers around when I was on the homestead. I valued how I stacked the roughage cart. We never lost a bundle off the cart,, which was an accomplishment. Our grasslands were on top of the slope which had a height of around 700 feet. We needed to descend the slope to the animal dwellingplace. It was around 7 degree downslope. Good time. Basically you didn't need to involve the kayak for haying yet. However, extraordinary work best of luck with the Farmall. Trust it sorts out soon. God favor.

Every one of them. I ranch in Wi. Yea, we are dry. We ranch very much like you and Brent do. More established hardware and serene. I raise directs/calf's feeder to wrap up. I'm Brent's age and ranchers don't stop until Earth's life giving force tells us too hahahaha. Let him know hi from Wi and we have an I 806. I get the task you are dealing with. Much obliged once more. What's more, btw, we make all dry roughage, round parcels. Your recordings are so reviving and exceptionally up close and personal here in the Midwest. I ranch in Bison district Wi, envious of your level fields. Ranch on

Did they have a skeleton lift running the length of that horse shelter when they were setting up simpleton blocks? Appears to be that horse shelter wouldn't be to terrible to set up little squares in with one and a solitary bundle dump NH stack cart. I enjoyed little squares myself, good to take care of in the colder time of year and not need to begin anything, however with fields spread out, Citiot drivers, and restricted help, the balances turn out better for me when I'm working alone. When my young men and nephews get a piece greater, we could return to little squares, they are most certainly more straightforward to sell.


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