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Filling all 3 Bunks in ONE DAY | Corn Silage Harvest 2023


I was flabbergasted by how splendidly the dugout filling process was arranged from the constant gatherers to the plastic rolling and tire stackers! Besides I need to praise you for your magnificent altering, particularly the way in which you ace the sound so you don't hurt our ears with unexpected spikes in volume from saws and boisterous hardware. Your channel merits an honor for show and content! Bravo!!

Eric I have watched each video that you've presented on YouTube long time enthusiast of you and your dad and I might simply want to say I was unable to be prouder of the gig that you and your dad do, both you and your dad are perfect representations of what dedicated good individuals can achieve, while being so gainful to others too. Keep doing awesome will keep you and your family in my requests.

Love your Chanel. I'm learning a pack about dairy cultivating. Incredible videography Eric. I need to supplement you for your healthy person. I can leave my grandchildren watching and not need to stress over rough remarks, or foul and disgusting language. You and your family are an example of genuine greatness.

You and your family have taken corn silage reap to an unheard of level! Gigantic video film including point by point sound! Congrats and wonderful piece of handiwork. Thinking back to the 80's the point at which I was dairy cultivating. Shelter capacity was somewhat disliked on the grounds that there would in general be a ton of ruined feed. Anyway the manner in which you are utilizing the plastic liners and immunizes. Alongside your staggering quick reaping group. You have truly changed fortification capacity into cost a viable feed stockpiling framework. Contrast your framework with vertical capacity storehouses. Also, I don't think there is some way that you might have reaped 3,000 tons and blew it into vertical capacity in 24 hours. A lot of good feed now for the young ladies going into winter. God's gifts… .and presently get some rest

Ensure you get those boards cleaned to get the most kWh out of them! I'm going to go into my lords (fourth and last) year of Sustainable power Designing at college so I'm exceptionally glad to see you get them introduced. I was considering informing you a little while back to propose to do a false sun powered plan for your structures - happy to see you concocted the thought as well. Might want to have the sun powered PV subject come up additional in later recordings. The very best.

At the point when we were in the dairy business during the 60s and 70s we had a two line corn chopper and two trucks. A portion of our fields were a few miles away and one individual did the slicing and pulling to a fifty foot upstanding storehouse. It would presumably take us a month to hack that much silage and taken care of it. We used to store our silage in an in ground pit that didn't have substantial sides. We had one cow that would remain at the foundation of our upstanding storehouse and lick the juices overflowing out and she would essentially become inebriated.


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