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The neighborhood salesman was attempting to pique our attention back in the 1970s when Case was selling the David Brown tractors here. They were far more expensive than regular Case tractors, which was the issue. Not just a few dollars, but significantly more! However, the majority of road districts purchased Ford or Deere. No longer see any of those Browns.

David Brown 1410 and Marskstig Model 3 cultivator, Leverton toolbar and 995 with Ransomes ridging bodies, and David Brown 25D with front mounted coverer all belong to Robbie Thorpe.

Unmistakably a David Brown engine's sound. They were excellent tractors in their day; no other brand could compete with them in terms of raw pulling force. Gratitude for blogging

The hydraulic valves and both clutches on our 1970 880 Selectmatic Live Drive are stuffed, but the engine still runs perfectly.

May I provide some advice? Your Ransomes plough trips as you move backward. A tailpiece of the plough can easily be caught on the ground if your tractor wheel should fall into a hole because Ransomes ploughs travel "downhill" while a DB reversible travels "uphill." A mouldboard will be split in two if you do that. Done that; been there!

Your top link is a little bit too short. A accident would be even more likely if it were just a little bit longer and the plough was level.


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