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Corn Picking Tractors Demos at Half Century of Progress Show 2023


Brings back recollections of being on the ranch in the 50's.. senior rancher across the street had 35 sections of land of corn that he would utilize the reason that he'd open the field by hand picking the initial not many rounds with the group of ponies and afterward recruit a picker to wrap up.. be that as it may, three years straight he was unable to quit picking manually. Picked into the colder time of year until at last wrapped up. He was 75 around that time.
Assisted one more rancher with mounting his JD picker on an old A JD. That was an opportunity for growth not neglected.
Incredible video of the old pickers and farm trucks. tks.

some truly perfect hardware! that silver farm truck lyman ( not certain of the name) exceptionally phenomenal
one. flawless seeing all the corn pickers! The biggest was a 3 line I think. also, the single column!
the consolidates collect 6 lines at 10mph what a headway! incredible video, extraordinary method for seeing everything!

The best property equipment channel I've seen so far!!! Tkx much. We used to have a MH 2-segment self-moved like the one in the video. We exchanged out the engine with a JD diesel for about $50. My uncle worked at the JD research residence and all my dad expected to pay was $24 work to have it reassembled after they were done with it! Actually we exchanged out twice as I survey. Likely been around 1960.

The old orange Uni-Picker. Astounding what's underestimated now with colossal self-directing machines. Seeing these old folks is a sign of the fact that cultivating in the past times was so troublesome. Perhaps there wasn't as much interest then, so more slow collects were OK ?? What's more, I'm helped to remember how troublesome it was before any mechanization just to get ready, plant and gather a yield.

While I really do concur it's frustrating that the yield is poor, looking at this logically it's truly great. We need to see the machines going through the field, not pulling out in light of the fact that their cart is full or everybody behind pausing and sit tight for a husking bed/cart lift to get up to speed. These machines were never intended to deal with anything like current corn yields.

It's equivalent to furrowing days, where members have figured out how to bring a furrow no less than 1-2 bottoms less than their work vehicle would have been coordinated with some time ago. Keep everybody moving; not sitting tight for 'the most vulnerable connection in the chain' to battle along.

I truly don't have the foggiest idea about how 1 or even 2 line corn pickers might have been in any way shape or form proficient even in their day. It would require a zillion years just to cover a whole field and consume a lot of fuel getting it done.


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