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Bordin half moon plow | Girl plowing with hot bulb Landini


I appreciate you taking the time to write this material. It's pretty educational, plus Laura makes such a charming presenter with her constant smile and willingness to put up genuine effort. I appreciate you sharing her with us, Grant, and I hope that the number of subscribers keeps rising and helps to cover some of your expenses. If it weren't for your family and the thousands of others who depend on the whims of the weather and financial pressure, we would all be starving.

One farmer can now produce enough food to serve hundreds of thousands of people, which is incredible considering that 150 years ago it would have taken 1,000 people a week to harvest a field that big. It's astounding what we're capable of.

Your vids have been entertaining me for a while. I appreciate you sharing them. I've always been fascinated by machinery and, when I was younger, I used to love to climb all over it on my uncle's farm. success with the farm going forward. I hope your excitement and smile never wane.

I recently found your channel and I adore the videos. I'm a 65-year-old retired teacher and Marine. I've already seen half a dozen.

Such a breath of fresh air is provided by you, your husband, your father, and the farm. Nothing political or ideological; just farming and family. I adore your warm, extroverted demeanor and your positive outlook on life. Thank you for describing your life and the work your family does.

Farmers provide food for everyone, and we are incredibly appreciative of all your hard work. Best of luck to you and Grant, and please don't stop smiling 


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