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Biggest Steam Tractor Ever Made Pulling Massive Bottoms Plow


I used to go to the Steam Show in Barlow Ohio as a youngster, thinking back to the 70's. There were almost twelve unique models of the Case Foothold steam motors there. It was astounding to see these survivors from a by-gone period actually doing the positions they did almost 100 years prior. I recall a roughage baler that was worked at the show and it delivered the heaviest bunches of feed or straw I've at any point seen, they weighed above and beyond 100 pounds. The steam push on the baler applied such a lot of tension, it really compacted the roughage into a parcel that was so thick you could scarcely move it. Such genuinely astounding machines with truly unpredictable equipping that delivered amazing measures of force. They took care of business. Extraordinary to see you're keeping this interesting piece of America's past alive.

Those old footing motors and steam trains are astonishing. They resemble living things, and I can comprehend how individuals can become joined to them such that you couldn't with electric or diesel.. Perhaps on the grounds that through the discernible moving parts we see the similitudes to our own organic bodies. Requiring sustenance and upkeep. So lovely!

Watched this with tears in my eyes. Brought back cherished recollections of ponies and steam motors nearby during the early long periods of experiencing childhood with the homestead. Just steam motor that worked on our ranch was on the sifting machine when it was our chance at gather. Ponies pulled the folio, pack carts and grain carts. Gratitude for the memory.

Astounding steam motors! Back in 1989, destiny carried me to a Siberian town remote from human progress. An extremely lovely town, wooden log houses on a key position floor made of wild stone. The whole yard is covered with a gigantic rooftop under which roughage for the cows is put away. Incredibly lovely cut outlines around the windows! There, interestingly, I saw steam motors at a sawmill. As a rule, this town endure exclusively because of the backwoods. There is a nearby limited measure rail line around the town, which was utilized only by steam trains. Furthermore, on the edge of the town there were studios in which wood was dried and put away. Indeed, the core, all things considered, was an enormous steam motor, controlled by wood chips and pine branches. Driven by a long wide belt.... Close by are bits of rosin, which were gently covered with the belt for better attachment. I recalled this spot until the end of my life as a landmark to a past period.


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